Membership Information

2017 Membership is now closed.


ISCA Membership for the 2017 Season closed on 9/22.  Late Registration closed on 10/1.

If you are a High School soccer coach in Indiana, Boys or Girls, you need to be a member of the ISCA in order for your team to be a part of the ISCA state rankings, athletes to be recognized with All-Academic, Top-Team Award (one Senior only), All-District, and All-State awards. All of these awards are voted on each year by the member coaches, and players receive their awards at the ISCA awards banquet.  The membership drive continues until September 18th.

Junior and Senior players selected to the All-District teams also play in the College Showcase games. Once new membership opens for 2017, please click the "Join the ISCA" link at the top of this page or on the home page, create a log in / "household" for the website and complete the online registration form.  It is highly suggested that you pay by credit card, but you may mail a check if your school district requires.  Checks should be mailed to: 

Paul Schroeder

Cathedral High School

5225 E. 56th St. Indianapolis, IN  46226

If you are a new member, please surf around this website to find information you need to participate this year. First-check which district you are in. These were updated for 2017 season after new sectionals/regionals were announced by the IHSAA.  The complete list can be found under the link "District Schools."

Second-check where and when your district meets to select All-District players. If you miss this meeting, your players will most likely not be selected. Third-make sure you send in your on-line All-District nominations on time! We will be sending out reminders, but check the website to be sure. It is at these District meetings that we distribute the All-Academic and Top Team Certificates. We do NOT mail these out. Every team has the opportunity to reward their outstanding students and players who represent leadership, and teamwork.