Welcome to the Indiana Soccer Coaches Association

On behalf of the Indiana Soccer Coaches Association (ISCA) I would like to welcome you to another high school soccer season!  The ISCA is the only organization that presents state rankings, All-District, All-State, All-Academic and ISCA MVP awards for high school soccer in Indiana.  This organization also hosts the College Showcase games between the district teams and hosts the awards banquet the same weekend where all players who attend receive a plaque for their award(s).  The ISCA is also the soccer coaches association recognized by the IHSAA.

In order to participate coaches must register/pay online by the deadline to have your players eligible to receive these awards and to have your team eligible for the state rankings, however, you must be a member!  Every year many deserving players do not get their District, State, or All-Academic recognition because their coach or school did not join.  We hope coaches will take advantage of the July coaching clinic.  More information will be released soon.

After you join, the most important dates are for the All District player nominations and District meetings.  The complete calendar can be found on the website.  If you miss the date for nominations, or miss the District meeting, your players will not be nominated or voted on.
The benefits of membership in the ISCA are:

  1. Every team gets one ISCA Top Team award (certificate) to be determined by their coach.
  2. Every team gets All-Academic awards (certificate) for all players that meet the requirements: (3.6 seniors, 3.7 juniors, cumulative GPA through most recent grading period).
  3. Member schools/coaches can nominate and vote on players for the All-District and  All-State teams.
  4. Juniors and Senior on All-District teams are eligible to participate in the College Showcase games.
  5. Players are recognized and receive their awards at ISCA banquet (except All-Academic) 
  6. All players who attend the banquet receive plaques.
  7. The ISCA is the organization that is recognized by the IHSAA for recommendations and rules for soccer.
  8. Member schools/coaches are eligible for the ISCA state rankings in one of three classes.

The strength of the ISCA is based on the number of members, and last year over 300 coaches joined the ISCA, which also means over 200 coaches/schools did not join and their players were left out.  

We will again post the membership list on our website throughout the season so you can check your membership status, as well as those of your conference or sectional opponents.  If the schools you play are not members, it is very difficult to get coaches to vote for your players at the District meetings, so please encourage your fellow coaches to join.