About the ISCA

The Indiana Soccer Coaches Association was formed in 1985 by Pete Kapsalis, the former boys soccer coach at Carmel High School. Soccer had progressed tremendously in the late 1970's and early 1980's and participation was starting to enjoy the benefits of fledgling youth leagues all over the state. At that time, no formal organization was in place to acknowledge the successes of these players, their programs and the sport of soccer itself. The Indiana Soccer Coaches Association (ISCA) was formed with the mission of acknowledging these successes. In the early days of the association, the membership represented both boys and girls coaches from the soccer programs of colleges and high schools within the State of Indiana. As time passed, the ISCA gradually narrowed its focus to the boys and girls high school programs. Membership in those early years was minimal compared to the membership of today and the work of the organization fell on few shoulders. Never the less, the foundation of the organization was set and the plans for the future were laid.

As time passed, the ISCA continued to add to the many ways it recognizes the successes of the student/athlete, their programs and coaches. The current awards sponsored by the ISCA are as follows:

  • Boys All-State Teams (1st, 2nd, 3rd and HM)
  • Girls All-State Teams (1st, 2nd, 3rd and HM)
  • Boys Player of the Year
  • Girls Player of the Year
  • Boys All-State Academic Team
  • Girls All-State Academic Team
  • Top Team Player Award
  • Boys All-District Teams
  • Girls All-District Teams
  • JR/SR College Showcase Weekend
  • ISCA Annual Awards Banquet
  • Boys Coach of the Year
  • Girls Coach of the Year
  • Allan Katner Distinguished Service Award

In 1994, the ISCA took on a new role and likely one of its most important. The Indiana High School Athletic Association (IHSAA) sanctioned boys and girls high school soccer and became the governing body of the sport in that year. The IHSAA selected the ISCA as its representative of boys and girls soccer and the ISCA spent many long hours working with the IHSAA to ensure the smooth integration process of soccer into the IHSAA's sports programs. The ISCA has had continual contact with the IHSAA to ensure the growth of high school soccer and the fairness in its programs. The sanctioning of the sport by the IHSAA has led to wide-scale growth from all corners of the state.

In addition to acknowledgment of the successes and the representation of soccer to the IHSAA, the ISCA has seen the need to broaden its focus. On the horizon are plans to meet the need to continue the soccer education of our member coaches through ISCA-sponsored clinics as well as avenues to promote our high school players and programs to the collegiate game. In the upcoming months and years, the ISCA intends to become more active in these areas as well as the ever-present need to enhance our current programs.