Selection Committee

The Indiana Soccer Coaches Association Hall of Fame Selection Committee is made up of current and former ISCA members and may include current members of the Hall of Fame whose responsibility is to choose the final candidates for induction.  One member will act as the Chairman of the Committee.

The Selection Committee shall:

  • conduct the nomination and selection process for the award(s) to be made each year,
  • recommend and oversee the planning and arrangements for the award(s) ceremony,
  • conduct the presentation of the award(s)

At the beginning of each calendar year, the members of the Indiana Soccer Coaches Association Hall of Fame are polled to determine if they wish to remain on the committee. The entire membership of the Hall of Fame is asked if they wish to serve if a position becomes available.  If a current member decides that they do not wish to serve, then a new member will be chosen from the list provided.  If someone currently serving has not been active, the committee may replace him/her by majority vote of the Selection Committee.