All State Selection Process

The ISCA holds meetings in each of the four districts throughout the state on Sunday following Regionals Championships. All member coaches of record (as of the membership deadline) are invited to attend their district meeting. Coaches nominate players by submitting player profiles online and only those players' names appear on the District Ballot.

Every member coach in attendance at the District meeting will have the opportunity to present and promote any players from their roster who are listed on the District Ballot. Freshmen and sophomore players are eligible to make the District team and be on the All-State ballot.

The All-State Committee consists of 5 voters from each district. The coaches at the District meetings select the voters. 

On Saturday evening following completion of the Showcase games, the All-State Committee convenes to select the teams and awards for both boys and girls (please note this was not the case for 2020 as the showcase games were cancelled). The selection list includes

  • ISCA All-State Teams:
    • Honorable Mention
    • 3rd Team
    • 2nd Team
    • 1st Team
  • Player of the Year (Senior)  
  • Regional All-American (will be announced late by the United Soccer Coaches Association)
  • All-American (will be announced late by the United Soccer Coaches Association)
  • ISCA State Coach of the Year
  • United Soccer Coaches Association Coaches of the Year:
       Small School
       Private School
       Large School