All-Academic Selection Criteria

The 2017 Boys and Girls Academic All-State teams have been announced...838 Academic All State Girls and 701 Academic All State Boys!

One might say that is too might say awesome that we have that 1500 with a A-/A gpa

Congrats to our student athletes!

- Greg Davidson, President of the ISCA


The Criteria for inclusion on this team are:
- Player must be in their Junior or Senior year
- Player must maintain:
   3.7 or better (4.0 scale) for Seniors
   3.7 or better (4.0 scale) for Juniors
- These Standards are accumulative, not just 1st Quarter of this year
- Players must be Varsity rostered.
- Players DO NOT have to be starters however they should be regular contributors in your matches

The Certificates will only be available at the meeting! You must attend the meeting to receive the awards for your players.

2017 ISCA Boys Academic All-State

School First Name Last Name Grade
Andrean Caden Bosak 12th Grade
Andrean Nathan Figlio 12th Grade
Andrean Thomas O'Brien 11th Grade
Andrean Neil Singh 11th Grade
Andrean Ethan Smith 12th Grade
Angola Jackson Brandon 12th Grade
Angola Eric Cockroft 11th Grade
Angola Seth Nickel 11th Grade
Angola Francesco Pietrella 12th Grade
Angola Josh Taylor 12th Grade
Argos Lukas VanDerWeele 11th Grade
Avon Daniel Burkert 12th Grade
Avon Aaron Conde 12th Grade
Avon Diego Cuiriz 12th Grade
Avon Justin Heidorn 12th Grade
Avon Noah Katsimpalis 12th Grade
Avon Aydin Thomas 12th Grade
Batesville Ben Craft 12th Grade
Batesville Daniel Gutzwiller 11th Grade
Batesville Justin Puente 12th Grade
Batesville Michael Todd 11th Grade
Batesville Ian Yorn 12th Grade
Bellmont Chance Bressler 12th Grade
Bellmont Parker Busick 12th Grade
Bellmont Sam Durnbaugh 11th Grade
Bellmont Jordan Fuelling 11th Grade
Bellmont Nate Kaczmarek 12th Grade
Bellmont Cole Razo 11th Grade
Bellmont Lucas Strickler 12th Grade
Bellmont Tanner Walker 11th Grade
Bellmont Sean Werling 11th Grade
Ben Davis Jalen Rice 12th Grade
Ben Davis Victor Villagomez 11th Grade
Ben Davis Allen Walden 11th Grade
Bethany Christian Tim Cartmel 12th Grade
Bethany Christian Alex Cartwright 11th Grade
Bethany Christian Simon Graber Miller 12th Grade
Bethany Christian Conrad Yoder 12th Grade
Bethany Christian Nick Yoder 11th Grade
Bishop Chatard Peter Agostino Not Selected
Bishop Chatard Blake Brown 11th Grade
Bishop Chatard Patrick Haimbaugh 12th Grade
Bishop Chatard Nicholas Johnson 12th Grade
Bishop Dwenger Ethan Anderson 12th Grade
Bishop Dwenger Tyler Bihasa 12th Grade
Bishop Dwenger Chino Eke 12th Grade
Bishop Dwenger Josh Neireiter 11th Grade
Bishop Dwenger Brett Parent 11th Grade
Bishop Dwenger Jacob Rude 12th Grade
Bishop Dwenger Colin Stroud 12th Grade
Bishop Dwenger John Veracco 12th Grade
Bloomington North Cole Craft 12th Grade
Bloomington North Pablo Fierst-Garcia 12th Grade
Bloomington North Max Menczer 12th Grade
Bloomington North Jack Murer 12th Grade
Bloomington North Matthias Ortiz 11th Grade
Bloomington North Deniz Tezer 12th Grade
Bloomington South Carson Adams 11th Grade
Bloomington South Giovanni Alicea 11th Grade
Bloomington South Malachi Britton 12th Grade
Bloomington South Jose Caballero-Aleman 11th Grade
Bloomington South Henry Emmert 11th Grade
Bloomington South Jack Foster 11th Grade
Bloomington South Matthew Landgraf 11th Grade
Bloomington South Gabriel Lika 11th Grade
Bloomington South Thomas McEvilly 11th Grade
Bloomington South Jackson Moore 11th Grade
Bloomington South Benjamin Pliske 11th Grade
Bloomington South Ben Yeagley 12th Grade
Boonville Dean Ewin 12th Grade
Boonville Ethan Inklebarger 11th Grade
Boonville Kyle Leslie 11th Grade
Boonville Kyle Wade 11th Grade
Bosse Elijah Easterday 12th Grade
Bosse Seth Pearson 12th Grade
Bosse Josh Shull 11th Grade
Bosse Austin Staib 12th Grade
Brebeuf Jesuit Mitchell Amstutz 11th Grade
Brebeuf Jesuit Ricardo DeFelice 12th Grade
Brebeuf Jesuit Fletcher King 12th Grade
Brebeuf Jesuit Alex Potts 11th Grade
Brebeuf Jesuit Eric Shea 11th Grade
Brebeuf Jesuit Aidan Vare 12th Grade
Brownsburg Jake Berry 11th Grade
Brownsburg Trey Gammon 11th Grade
Brownsburg JD Jarvis 11th Grade
Brownsburg Jimmy Lawson 12th Grade
Brownsburg Jacob Risser 11th Grade
Canterbury School Justin Baeten 11th Grade
Canterbury School Connor Davidson 12th Grade
Canterbury School Paul Helmich 11th Grade
Canterbury School Ben Kunce 12th Grade
Canterbury School Keegan McArdle 12th Grade
Canterbury School Lukas Reelsen 11th Grade
Cardinal Ritter Michael Isekson 12th Grade
Cardinal Ritter Mathew Walters 12th Grade
Carmel Gavin Buba 11th Grade
Carmel Stefan Buba 12th Grade
Carmel Ben Clark 12th Grade
Carmel Jake Davis 12th Grade
Carmel Brent Devries 12th Grade
Carmel Sam Hildebrand 11th Grade
Carmel Caleb Hussain 11th Grade
Carmel Jack Muller 12th Grade
Carmel Riley Shives 12th Grade
Carroll Jake Anderson 12th Grade
Carroll Colin Coplen 12th Grade
Carroll Nolan Gonzalez 11th Grade
Carroll Evan Gregory 12th Grade
Castle Welp Ben 12th Grade
Castle Wandel Brock 11th Grade
Castle Ratcliffe Camden 12th Grade
Castle White Connor 12th Grade
Castle Norris Craig 12th Grade
Castle Bertram Michael 11th Grade
Castle Lonnberg Michael 12th Grade
Cathedral Andrew Bessler 12th Grade
Cathedral Sean Callaghan 11th Grade
Cathedral Craig Castellino 12th Grade
Cathedral Andrew Darling 11th Grade
Cathedral Nate Griffin 11th Grade
Cathedral Jared Kaiser 12th Grade
Cathedral Nikalass Kolosso 11th Grade
Cathedral Quinn Leous 11th Grade
Cathedral Nick Mourouzis 11th Grade
Cathedral Chase Santamaria 12th Grade
Cathedral Matt Schepers 12th Grade
Cathedral Jacob Schneider 11th Grade
Cathedral Nathan Schoenfeld 11th Grade
Cathedral Clay Troyer 12th Grade
Cathedral Andrew Umana 12th Grade
Cathedral Jake Welch 12th Grade
Center Grove Lucas Boha 11th Grade
Center Grove William Bowling 12th Grade
Center Grove Jacob Cooley 12th Grade
Center Grove Ian Dwight 12th Grade
Center Grove Alec Prime 12th Grade
Center Grove Dawson Raymond 12th Grade
Center Grove Jacob Youngstafel 11th Grade
Chesterton Bailey Arthur 11th Grade
Chesterton Alex Bartlett 12th Grade
Chesterton Jake Donovan 12th Grade
Chesterton Jack Eaton 11th Grade
Chesterton Doug Filipek 12th Grade
Chesterton Logan Stewart 11th Grade
Columbia City Logan Bachelder 12th Grade
Columbia City Ian Cook 11th Grade
Columbia City Connor Davis 12th Grade
Columbia City Drew Diamente 11th Grade
Columbia City Garett Walker 11th Grade
Columbia City Colin Wood 11th Grade
Columbus East Daniel Boggs 11th Grade
Columbus East Justin Copas 12th Grade
Columbus East Andy Davidson 12th Grade
Columbus East Jake Gesick 12th Grade
Columbus East Eli Newell 12th Grade
Columbus East Mark Nusterer 11th Grade
Columbus East Reagan Perkins 12th Grade
Columbus East Dustin Rodgers 12th Grade
Concord Nick Binkley 12th Grade
Concord Landon Fisher 11th Grade
Concord Matt Granitz 12th Grade
Concord Nicholas Mark 11th Grade
Concord Mario Mejia 11th Grade
Concord Carlos Pedroza 12th Grade
Concord Fernando Pedroza 11th Grade
Concord Adam Peterson 11th Grade
Concord C.J. Pollock 11th Grade
Concord Christian Saleh 12th Grade
Connersville Arman Angeles 11th Grade
Connersville Peyton Keaffaber 12th Grade
Connersville Alex King 11th Grade
Covington Joe Crawley 12th Grade
Covington Logan Foster 11th Grade
Covington Carson Keller  12th Grade
Covington AJ Kline 12th Grade
Covington Cory Messick 12th Grade
Crawfordsville Eric Cifuentes 11th Grade
Crawfordsville Luke Dunham 12th Grade
Crawfordsville Will Kellerman 11th Grade
Crawfordsville Rodrigo Rojas-Jacome 11th Grade
Crawfordsville KJ Smith 11th Grade
Crawfordsville Bobby Stanley 11th Grade
Culver Academies Henry Chandler 11th Grade
Culver Academies Tom Ni 11th Grade
Culver Academies Rory Sever 12th Grade
Culver Academies Andrew Terhune 12th Grade
Culver Academies William Wakeland 12th Grade
Culver Academies Henry Zehner 12th Grade
Danville Bradley Hughson 12th Grade
Danville Bryce Pointdexter 12th Grade
Danville Jason Randell 12th Grade
Dekalb Emerson Dietsch 11th Grade
Dekalb Zane Houser 12th Grade
Dekalb Spencer Kenens 11th Grade
Dekalb Ben Schlink 12th Grade
Dekalb Juan Carlos Vasquez 11th Grade
Eastbrook Garrett Holder 11th Grade
Eastbrook Erick Popoca 12th Grade
Eastbrook Noah Ross 11th Grade
Eastbrook Zane Shilts 11th Grade
Eastbrook Bailey Spiegel 12th Grade
Eastbrook John Velasquez 12th Grade
Eastern Joseph Hawes 11th Grade
Eastern Christopher Hyman 11th Grade
Eastern Aaron Schaaf 12th Grade
Elkhart Central Jared Miller 11th Grade
Elkhart Central Emery Simon 12th Grade
Elkhart Memorial Tristan Bennett 11th Grade
Elkhart Memorial Alejandro Corea-Murillo 12th Grade
Elkhart Memorial Preston Elonich 12th Grade
Elkhart Memorial Felipe Zendejas 11th Grade
Evansville Harrison Luke Albright 11th Grade
Evansville Harrison Gaige Barrett 12th Grade
Evansville Harrison Nolan Guth 11th Grade
Evansville Harrison Christian Vandeveer 11th Grade
Evansville Mater Dei Lucas Daunhauer 12th Grade
Evansville Mater Dei Ian East 12th Grade
Evansville Mater Dei Garrett Jones 12th Grade
Evansville Mater Dei Aaron Lovell 11th Grade
Evansville Memorial Matt Goris 11th Grade
Evansville Memorial Travis Sides 11th Grade
Evansville Memorial John Weikert 12th Grade
Evansville North Jackson Conroy 12th Grade
Evansville North Dylan Loehrlein 12th Grade
Evansville North Alex Mosteller 12th Grade
Evansville North Nate Scott 12th Grade
Fishers Nolan Ahearn 12th Grade
Fishers David Fugate 12th Grade
Fishers Mark Gan 11th Grade
Fishers Zach Lilly 12th Grade
Forest Park Garret Jochem 11th Grade
Fort Wayne Northrop Nathan Weaver 12th Grade
Franklin Community Owen Atkison 11th Grade
Franklin Community Drew Beasley 11th Grade
Franklin Community Clay Black 11th Grade
Franklin Community Jake Brown 11th Grade
Franklin Community Tate Clendening 11th Grade
Franklin Community Daniel Prochazka 11th Grade
Franklin Community David Purdy 11th Grade
Franklin Community Sam Purk 11th Grade
Franklin Community Cory Richards 11th Grade
Franklin Community Austin Sewell 11th Grade
Franklin Community Wyatt Taylor 12th Grade
Franklin Community EJ Young 12th Grade
Franklin County Spencer Catron 12th Grade
Franklin County Blake Edwards 12th Grade
Franklin County Chris Flaspohler 11th Grade
Franklin County Kyle Grubb 12th Grade
Franklin County Alex Hedges 12th Grade
Franklin County Cledith Martin 11th Grade
Franklin County Reggie Reuss 12th Grade
Franklin County Travis Selm 12th Grade
Franklin County Luke Stirn 12th Grade
Franklin County John Wagner 12th Grade
FW Concordia Lutheran Ryan Hoffman 11th Grade
FW Concordia Lutheran Benjamin Loshe 12th Grade
FW Concordia Lutheran Jacob Sassmannshausen 12th Grade
Garrett Dawes Dircksen 11th Grade
Gibson Southern Garrett Barthel 11th Grade
Gibson Southern Josh Kramer 11th Grade
Gibson Southern Alex Meyer 11th Grade
Gibson Southern Brendan Murphy 11th Grade
Gibson Southern Trey Riggs 12th Grade
Goshen Lucas Bontreger 12th Grade
Greenfield-Central Sean Julian 12th Grade
Greenfield-Central Clay Kelley 12th Grade
Greenfield-Central Adam Lee 11th Grade
Greenfield-Central Cole Pierce 12th Grade
Greenfield-Central Jackson Vieth 12th Grade
Greenwood Salim Abdulhadi 11th Grade
Greenwood Jonathan Graber 11th Grade
Greenwood Cole Mahan 11th Grade
Greenwood Van Nun Cung 11th Grade
Griffith Cameron Bobos 12th Grade
Griffith Jake Diamond 12th Grade
Griffith Zack Fisch 12th Grade
Griffith Jonathan Vasilak 12th Grade
Guerin Catholic Carson Burton 12th Grade
Guerin Catholic Isaac Cloran 12th Grade
Guerin Catholic Drake Daly 11th Grade
Guerin Catholic Noah Dewaal 12th Grade
Guerin Catholic Jack Haddad 12th Grade
Guerin Catholic Will Oberndorfer 12th Grade
Guerin Catholic Chad Oblazney 12th Grade
Hamilton Heights Sam Blake 11th Grade
Hamilton Heights Caleb Grabarz 11th Grade
Hamilton Heights Hunter Hough 12th Grade
Hamilton Heights Lee Martin 12th Grade
Hamilton Heights Jackson Stuart 11th Grade
Hamilton Southeastern Evan Barnes 12th Grade
Hamilton Southeastern Chayton Davidson 11th Grade
Hamilton Southeastern Luke Dawdy 11th Grade
Hamilton Southeastern Jarren French 11th Grade
Hamilton Southeastern Jarren French 11th Grade
Hamilton Southeastern Darian Ghaffari 12th Grade
Hamilton Southeastern Ethan Pulliam 12th Grade
Hamilton Southeastern JP Suarez 11th Grade
Hamilton Southeastern Toni Vrkic 11th Grade
Hamilton Southeastern Bryce Wetzel 11th Grade
Hamilton Southeastern Sean Williams 11th Grade
Hammond Bishop Noll Mathew Avila 11th Grade
Hammond Bishop Noll Jake Fuehrmeyer 11th Grade
Hammond Bishop Noll Brandon Fuentes 11th Grade
Hammond Bishop Noll Jackson Heintz 12th Grade
Hammond Bishop Noll Mariano Jimenez 11th Grade
Harrison Elyas Ayad 11th Grade
Harrison Alex Bauer 12th Grade
Harrison Jake Decamp 12th Grade
Harrison Riley Hogan 12th Grade
Harrison Daniel Madren 12th Grade
Harrison Max Miller 12th Grade
Harrison Pete Newton 12th Grade
Harrison John Roop 12th Grade
Harrison Cade Szymanski 12th Grade
Harrison Calvin Walters 12th Grade
Hebron Peyton Doelling 12th Grade
Hebron Taylor Wiegman 11th Grade
Heritage Kyle Dalman 11th Grade
Heritage Kaleb Feipel 11th Grade
Heritage Jerome Lechleitner 12th Grade
Heritage Emmett Niemeyer 11th Grade
Heritage William Oberley 11th Grade
Heritage Connor Simmons 12th Grade
Heritage Garret Ternet 11th Grade
Heritage Hills Mitch Blasdel 11th Grade
Heritage Hills Evan Buechlein 12th Grade
Heritage Hills Kamden Buechler 12th Grade
Heritage Hills Luke Leffert 11th Grade
Heritage Hills Cole Mulzer 12th Grade
Heritage Hills Sam Schneiders 11th Grade
Heritage Hills Austin Schnuck 12th Grade
Highland Henry Smith 11th Grade
Highland Kyler Tanis 11th Grade
Hobart Nick Messmer 11th Grade
Homestead Tanner Aichele 12th Grade
Homestead Jon Frazier 11th Grade
Homestead Alec Houser 12th Grade
Homestead Ben Kistler 12th Grade
Homestead Parker Neuman 11th Grade
Homestead Jon Pappas 12th Grade
Homestead Justin Roush 12th Grade
Homestead Carson Stewart 12th Grade
Huntington North Carson Bolinger 12th Grade
Huntington North Reid Dillion 12th Grade
Huntington North Jacob Foster 12th Grade
Huntington North Bryce Johnson 12th Grade
Huntington North Kasey Konz 12th Grade
Huntington North Shawn Young 12th Grade
Jasper Andrew Gadlage 12th Grade
Jasper Jacob Hessler 12th Grade
Jasper Tyler Hunt 11th Grade
Jasper Camden Knies 11th Grade
Jasper Jacob Mehringer 11th Grade
Jasper Austin Rawlins 11th Grade
Jasper Dillon Sternberg 11th Grade
Jasper Johnny Verkamp 12th Grade
Jeffersonville Caleb Harris 12th Grade
Jeffersonville Kurtis Kimmell 12th Grade
Jeffersonville Seth Scott 12th Grade
Jeffersonville Luke Thompson 12th Grade
Jeffersonville Brennan Zastawny 12th Grade
Jennings County Victor Antunez 12th Grade
Jennings County Dylan Boswell 11th Grade
John Glenn Eli Leodanski 12th Grade
Kankakee Valley Mark Nuttall 11th Grade
Kankakee Valley Robert Poppe 12th Grade
Kankakee Valley Eliseo Varela 12th Grade
Kankakee Valley Noah Witkowski 12th Grade
Kokomo Kyle Burdette 12th Grade
Kokomo David Curtis 12th Grade
Kokomo Max Higgins 11th Grade
Kokomo Max Waltemath 12th Grade
Kokomo Blake White 11th Grade
Lake Central Jack Egnatz 11th Grade
Lake Central Sam Fieria 11th Grade
Lake Central Marcus Ourich 11th Grade
Lake Central Diego Ruiz-Avilia 12th Grade
Lake Central Nick Shell 12th Grade
Lake Central Carson Shrader 11th Grade
Lake Central Nathan Thomas 11th Grade
Lakewood Park Christian Tim Hensinger 11th Grade
Lakewood Park Christian Victor Hughes 12th Grade
Lakewood Park Christian Kenny Miller 11th Grade
Lakewood Park Christian David Overy 12th Grade
Lakewood Park Christian Nate Shumaker 12th Grade
LaPorte Lefteri Fegaras 12th Grade
LaPorte Andrew Feikes 12th Grade
LaPorte Preston Krause 11th Grade
LaPorte Thomas Krause 11th Grade
Lawrence Central Max Allen 11th Grade
Lawrence Central Connor Dowden 11th Grade
Lawrence Central Mitch Gullion 11th Grade
Lawrence Central Aidan Horan 12th Grade
Lawrence Central Ben Leraris 12th Grade
Lawrence Central Joey Marone 12th Grade
Lawrence Central Taylor Richardson 11th Grade
Lawrence Central Jared Wayne 12th Grade
Lawrenceburg Ross Bezold 12th Grade
Lawrenceburg Zachary Cosby 12th Grade
Lawrenceburg Jacob Frank 11th Grade
Lawrenceburg Kyle Huber 12th Grade
Lawrenceburg Kyle Knight 12th Grade
Lawrenceburg Benjamin Lorey 11th Grade
Lawrenceburg Alec Maupin 12th Grade
Lawrenceburg Christopher Nutley 12th Grade
Lawrenceburg Elliot Reinshagen 12th Grade
Lawrenceburg Zane Schwier 12th Grade
Lebanon Logan Wallace 11th Grade
Lebanon Jax Wilson 11th Grade
Leo Will Lengacher 12th Grade
Leo Dayne Ousley 12th Grade
Leo Tommy West 12th Grade
Lutheran Mekhi Franklin 11th Grade
Lutheran Zachary Noggle 11th Grade
Lutheran Andrew Williamson 11th Grade
Lutheran Riley Wilson 11th Grade
Marian Gabriel Davey 12th Grade
Marian Adam Evans 12th Grade
Marian Gabriel Martinez 12th Grade
Marian Jacob Schmidt 12th Grade
Marian William Tiller 11th Grade
Marion James Bell 11th Grade
Marion Seven Gray 12th Grade
Marion Christian Riggs 12th Grade
Marion Zach Stephens 11th Grade
Marion Sam Vermilion 12th Grade
Marquette Catholic Scott Anderson 11th Grade
Marquette Catholic Jon Beglin 11th Grade
Marquette Catholic Will Cannon 12th Grade
Marquette Catholic Patrick Connelly 11th Grade
Marquette Catholic Joe Disser 12th Grade
Marquette Catholic Jack White 12th Grade
Martinsville Evan Burleigh 12th Grade
Martinsville Caleb Urban 11th Grade
McCutcheon Mitchell Holland 11th Grade
McCutcheon Jake Ruble 12th Grade
McCutcheon Adam Schluttenhofer 12th Grade
Michigan City Jack Attar 11th Grade
Michigan City Logan Goolsby 12th Grade
Michigan City Erik Hultgren 11th Grade
Michigan City Jacob Kiser 11th Grade
Michigan City Henry Miller 11th Grade
Michigan City Riley Shreve 11th Grade
Mishawaka Tristen Snider 12th Grade
Mississinewa Rylee Catey 12th Grade
Mississinewa Sean Williams 12th Grade
Mount Vernon Braden Henning 11th Grade
Mt Vernon (Fortville) Timmy Clone 12th Grade
Mt Vernon (Fortville) Max Turner 12th Grade
Mt Vernon (Fortville) Jenner York 12th Grade
Muncie Central Clark Bailey 12th Grade
Muncie Central Samuel Baule 11th Grade
Muncie Central Jack Byrnes 11th Grade
Muncie Central Cristian Chavez 12th Grade
Muncie Central Trevor Cool 12th Grade
Muncie Central Zach Garrett 11th Grade
Muncie Central Logan Hagans 12th Grade
Muncie Central Luis Rivera 11th Grade
Muncie Central George Schafer 11th Grade
Muncie Central Noah Scott 12th Grade
Muncie Central Max Sisson 11th Grade
Muncie Central Noah Waechter 12th Grade
Munster Micah Flahaven 12th Grade
Munster Justin Lukowski 12th Grade
Munster Max Paredes 11th Grade
Munster William Teske 11th Grade
Munster Reed Watkins 12th Grade
New Castle Carter Brown 12th Grade
Noblesville Nicolai Andersen 12th Grade
Noblesville Alec Anderson 12th Grade
Noblesville Joe Lang 12th Grade
Noblesville Max Larche 12th Grade
Noblesville Josh Lovett 11th Grade
Noblesville Curtis Martin 11th Grade
North Central Cole Behringer 12th Grade
North Central Caleb Brown 12th Grade
North Central Jakob Faber 11th Grade
North Central Joe Kaefer 12th Grade
North Central Levi King 12th Grade
North Central Quintin Kirch 12th Grade
North Central Lucas Ogden 12th Grade
North Central Elia Reh 11th Grade
North Central Devin Selvaag 12th Grade
North Central Alex Smith 12th Grade
North Harrison Isaac Gleitz 12th Grade
North Harrison Ethan Jobe 12th Grade
North Harrison Quinn Kaiser 12th Grade
North Harrison Zachary Scott 12th Grade
North Harrison Carson Wetzel 11th Grade
North Miami Ethan Duff 12th Grade
North Miami Wyatt Dyson 12th Grade
North Miami Caleb Gipson 12th Grade
North Miami Connor Hanaway 12th Grade
North Miami Jon Stoner 11th Grade
North Montgomery Dawson Odle 11th Grade
North Montgomery Braden Smith 12th Grade
North Putnam Alex Krominaker 12th Grade
North Putnam Aidan Millican 11th Grade
North Putnam Elliot Sabens 11th Grade
Northeast Dubois Logan Dodd 11th Grade
Northeast Dubois Alan Kerstiens 12th Grade
Northeast Dubois Brandon Merkel 12th Grade
Northeast Dubois Trevor Seufert 11th Grade
Northridge Micah Cross 12th Grade
Northridge Adam Maas 12th Grade
Northwestern Craig Closson 12th Grade
Northwestern Austin Cochran 12th Grade
Northwestern Nick Haworth 12th Grade
Oldenburg Academy Alex Geers 11th Grade
Oldenburg Academy Matthew Hoog 11th Grade
Oldenburg Academy Sam Hubert 12th Grade
Oldenburg Academy Samuel Johnson 11th Grade
Oldenburg Academy Lucas McFee 11th Grade
Oldenburg Academy Adam Mullen 12th Grade
Our Lady of Providence Michael Gill 12th Grade
Our Lady of Providence Joe Gryboski 11th Grade
Our Lady of Providence Austin Hughes 11th Grade
Our Lady of Providence Sam Kruer 11th Grade
Park Tudor Ben Clifford 11th Grade
Park Tudor Spenser Hogg 12th Grade
Park Tudor Chris Lombardo 12th Grade
Park Tudor Carl Meyer 11th Grade
Park Tudor Jonathan Moore 12th Grade
Park Tudor Tom Root 12th Grade
Pendleton Heights Joe Pickett 11th Grade
Penn Samuel Atkins 12th Grade
Penn Eric Baker 11th Grade
Penn Micah Craig 12th Grade
Penn Jack Demske 12th Grade
Penn Hayden Hurn 12th Grade
Penn Aron Janko 12th Grade
Penn Nathan Ludwig 11th Grade
Penn Charles Meier 11th Grade
Penn Evan Mercurio 12th Grade
Penn Spencer Neal 12th Grade
Penn Evan Pica 11th Grade
Perry Meridian Nick Vaux 12th Grade
Pike Cary Martin Cary Martin 11th Grade
Pike Deayon McCann Deayon McCann 11th Grade
Pike Ibrahim Diallo Ibrahhim Diallo 11th Grade
Pike Jason Flores Jason Flores 11th Grade
Pike Kendall Allen Kendall Allen 12th Grade
Pike Michael Condon Michael Condon 12th Grade
Pike Miles Clark Miles Clark 11th Grade
Pike Myron Reyes Esposito Myron Reyes Esposito 11th Grade
Pike Zachary Smith Zachary Smith 11th Grade
Pike Central Christian Benson 11th Grade
Pike Central Breyton Booker 12th Grade
Pike Central Quade Claridge 12th Grade
Pike Central Connor Gaines 11th Grade
Pike Central Cameron Henson 12th Grade
Pike Central Austin Holder 11th Grade
Pike Central Kyson Western 12th Grade
Plainfield Angel Aguirre 12th Grade
Plainfield Brigham Anderson 11th Grade
Plainfield David Cutler 11th Grade
Plainfield C.J. Elston 11th Grade
Plainfield Ben Grytza 12th Grade
Plainfield Joshua Law 12th Grade
Plainfield Jacob Leek 11th Grade
Plainfield Matthew Muller 12th Grade
Plainfield Landen Williams 11th Grade
Plymouth Jesus Jimenez 12th Grade
Prairie Heights Emily Burkholder