Player Nomination Instructions

Indiana Soccer Coaches Association – Team Net Account & 2017 Award Nomination Steps

Go to

From the right menu – click on “Log In to your Team Net Account”

Sign In (same log in as used when registering for the ISCA)

This will take you to your “My Dashboard.”  From here you can review/edit your household information.

To nominate players for All-District, Top Team Player or Academic All-State…

Click on Blue Button (top right of your dashboard page) “Begin Public Registration Process”

or Click on "Click Here to Make 2017 Award Nominations" on the 2017 Award Nominations Page

Step 1.1 – Click Continue

Step 1.2 – Update “Household Information”

Step 1.3 – Click “Register a Participant”

Step 2.1 – Click Your Name!  Do not select “create a new member”

Step 2.2 – Chose the Award from the Dropdown Menu.

*Note – you can only complete the process for each award 1 time*

Step 2.3 – Complete the Information in the Form and Click “Save & Continue”

Step 2.4 – Review Registration and Click “Continue”

*Note – Print this Page as Confirmation*

Step 3.1 – Click “No, Proceed to Next Step”

Step 4.1 – Click “Proceed to Checkout”

Step 4.2 – Click “Submit Order”

Once you have completed “Submit Order” your nomination is all set!  You can view/print receipt and you should also receive a confirmation e-mail.  The confirmation will not have specific player information which is why it is suggested to print at step 2.4.  That said, your registration is complete at this point!